Mission Statement

The mission of this congregation shall be as revealed in the New Testament:  to praise and worship God, to win people to faith in Jesus Christ, to draw them into active participation in the body, to help them grow in grace and knowledge of Christ that increasingly they may know and do His will, and to work for the unity of all Christians and with them engage in the common task of building the kingdom of God and to minister to the needs of his people.

Member Information:

Those who make a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ and are baptized into the newness of life He provides have completed the requirements for membership in this body.  If those wishing to join us in membership have been baptized in another church/denomination they are considered to have completed this requirement and may simply make a reaffirmation of their faith before the congregation on Sunday morning.


Our congregation is unique in that it offers blended worship, creative and innovative fellowship, mission and worship opportunities for this community.

             Church Officers                                                      ELDERS

Co-Chairman              Jon West                                        Donna Beamer

Vice-Chair                 K.J. Ullfers                                     Ed & Joyce Dart

Clerk                        Marciel Gilmore                              Mike & Sheryl Kizer

Financial Secretary    Donna Beamer                               Jon & Nancey West

Treasurer                  Doris Westfall                                KJ & Myra Ullfers

Agent of Record:       Ed Dart                                          Earl & Judy Hunter

Church Trustees:   

K.j. Ullfers,  Jon West,  Ed Dart


Sharon Campbell                   Tina Morgan                    Colene Macklin

Marciel Gilmore                     Barbara Tarrant              Lavon Gabrielsen

Janet Lowe                            Steve Tarrant                 Lanny Chisholm

Van Johnson                           Peg Vorderstrasse           Ron Van Vleet

Doris Modderman                    Solana Sanchez               Doris Westfall

Grace Johnson


Donna Beamer

Joyce & Ed Dart

Mike & Sheryl Kizer

K.J. & Myra Ullfers

Nancey & Jon West

Earl & Judy Hunt





  Barbra Tarramt              Grace Johnson

  Steve Tarramt                Colene Macklin

  Lavon Gabrielsen            Doris Westfall                     

  Ron Van Vleet                 Lanny Chisholm

  Peg Vorderstrasse            Solana Sanchez

  Tina Morgan                      


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